January 2024 sin course!

Posted on November 28, 2023

Invest in your professional development in the new year by registering for a January faculty development course that delves into the topic of sin and its implications for higher education. This online, asynchronous course will take approximately 8-10 hours, facilitated by Naomi van Rijn, a de Vries Institute instructional fellow. The course will run January 5 through February 14, 2024. In this course you will interact with Christian scholars from institutions around the world.

During this course, you will analyze the theme of sin through key texts from Scripture and the Christian tradition. You will explore the effects of sin in God’s good world and evaluate applications of the doctrine of sin in the work of scholars from a handful of academic disciplines. And you will experiment with ideas about how the concept of sin might inform your own work in higher education. 

Full registration is $100 though discounts are available based on ability to pay (use codes FINAID90 for 90% off and FINAID50 for 50% off—we trust you to pay what you’re able to pay). Those who complete the course will receive a digital certificate verifying their work. Learn more and register at reflecting.faith/course/sin-learning-in-a-fractured-world/.

Registration involves creating an account in our learning management system, selecting the course Sin: Learning in a Fractured World – January 2024, and then paying for the course.

Registration is limited to the first 25 people, so act now to reserve your spot.