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Early in Scripture we encounter an astounding statement about humanity—that the human race is made in the “image of God.” Though Scripture doesn’t elaborate often or at great length on its meaning, this key phrase has played an important role in theological reflection on the place of humanity in God’s world. This course will explore some implications of this important teaching across a range of disciplines and tasks in academic life.

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Course Length
8-10 hours
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Online, Asynchronous
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Video, Text, Reflection & Application Exercises
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Dr. Matthew Lundberg
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Course Cost
$100 (financial aid is available if cost is a barrier)

In this module, you will analyze the biblical theme of humanity in the image of God in selected texts from Scripture and the Christian tradition. You will also interact with theological explorations of the central features of the idea of being made in God’s image. You will then examine examples of how scholars in disciplines outside of theology have related the idea of the image of God to their work, and you will have an opportunity to develop ideas about how viewing humans in this way might inform your own work in higher education.