About this course

Hospitality, especially hospitality to the stranger and the marginalized, is a recurring theme in Scripture and a significant component in the New Testament’s picture of ethics, community, and Christian maturity. Scholars have in recent years used hospitality as a lens for thinking about a range of topics, including civic and religious diversity, incarceration, education, community, intercultural learning, and disability. This module explores these connections: how can the theme of hospitality to strangers serve as a vehicle for connecting faith and learning in higher education?

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Course Length
7-8 hours
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Online, Asynchronous
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Video, Text, Reflection & Application Exercises
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Dr. David I. Smith
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Course Cost
$100 (financial aid available if price is a barrier)

During the module, you will explore biblical texts and recent theological discussions that address the theme of hospitality. You will also learn about current scholarly projects from colleagues in a range of disciplines that draw upon a Christian concern for hospitality. You will hear a student perspective, encounter the work of Christian scholars from a range of countries, and have the opportunity to begin developing implications for your own work in higher education. A certificate of completion is available when all course tasks have been completed.