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The idea and practice of community intersects in complex ways with our work in higher education. What kind of community exists in our classrooms, or with our colleagues? How do we think about the connections among human beings in our theology, our sociology, our psychology, our political theory, our history, our economics? How might Christian commitments regarding the nature of community affect how we approach learning, or diversity, or language differences, or collaborative research, or business practices, or nursing? These are just a few of the many possible intersections. This course will begin to explore what we might mean by “Christian community” and just a few of the possible connections to higher education.

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Course Length
6-8 hours
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Online, Asynchronous
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Video, Text, Reflection & Application Exercises
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Dr. David I. Smith
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Course Cost
$100 (financial aid is available if cost is a barrier)

During the module, you will explore biblical texts and recent theological discussions that address the theme of community. You will also learn about current scholarly projects from colleagues in a range of disciplines that draw upon a Christian concern for community. You will hear a student perspective, encounter the work of Christian scholars from a range of contexts, and have the opportunity to begin developing implications for your own work in higher education. A certificate of completion is available when all course tasks have been completed.