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This course examines a biblical vision of flourishing that has caught the imagination of a range of Christian writers on higher education. Shalom is the Hebrew word often translated as “peace,” yet it means more than an absence of conflict. It implies a vision of well-being that encompasses wholeness in our relationship to God, to creation, to neighbor, and to ourselves. To dwell in shalom is to enjoy peace, but also God’s favor, well-being in the world, and community with others. In this course, we will focus on the concept of “shalom” and how it has been used as a lens for thinking in Christian ways about the goals and practices of higher education.

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Course Length
7-8 hours
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Online, Asynchronous
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Video, Audio, Text, Reflection & Application Exercises
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Dr. David I. Smith
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Course Cost
$100 (financial aid available if price is a barrier)

During this course you will examine shalom in its biblical context and in connection with extracts from major Christian confessions that deal with the relationship between salvation, evil, and “good works” in the world. You will explore how scholars from several disciplines have articulated what shalom might have to do with higher education in light of the biblical background. Finally, you will see how two further scholars, from the United States and Kenya, relate the concept of shalom to their work in higher education, and you will have an opportunity to develop implications for your own work.